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Average means settling for all the narratives society has imposed on us as women: you periods are just painful, you should show up the same way every day, PMS is expected every month.




You rebel against being anything but normal.

You want the energy, consistency and up level that no other woman has, so you're going to do what most women aren't doing:

making your health habits cycle centered.

are you ready to transcend into the most energetic badass version of yourself?!


You could FINALLY quit the vicious cycle of being 'off and on track' with health habits and became the most consistent version of yourself?


(You're going to make yourself so freaking PROUD.)

Your habits & routines matched your energy ebbs + flows throughout the month giving you more energy than you had back in your 20's?


(Those around you will be in AWE.)

You took that first step in making your cycle the main character in your health and wellness journey not just for YOU but all the other females, young and old, in your life?


(It's going to be so POWERFUL.)

can you relate to this?


The Not Your Average Female Tier

For the health centered female who is ready to get off of the mental and physical rollercoaster of attempting to show up with the same amount of productivity or energy every day and instead become the most energetic and consistent version of herself through way of cycle synchronization.

You are frustrated with that fact that:

  • you struggle to keep up the same amount of energy each day

  • painful periods + PMS get in the way of your day to day life each month

  • you feel stuck AF + confused around how to approach your workouts or food choices

  • comparison is high and confidence is low even though you know you are meant for so much more

  • amazing goals are placed on your heart but the follow through just isn't there


You are READY to see results you've been dreaming of like:

Having periods that no longer have you doubled over in pain or have you tied to a heating pad.

Not feeling like you're only successful in seeing results when you're 'in a program'.

Confidence throughout all phases of your cycle that other women would kill for. 

Consistency in your health habits so that you finally achieve and sustain your desired results. 

Energy and patience that makes you proud of yourself and how you're able to show up for loved ones. 

No longer feeling the struggle and resistance that comes with being a woman in today's world.

🪩 Are you ready for it to hold this level of energy?!


  •  3 or 6 month options

  • 90 min activation call

  • Access to course catalog & any live health programs

  • Weekday Voxer support


breathe a sigh of relief.

within our time together you will learn, implement and be consistent with habits that are pertinent until you reach menopause.

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